Aug 10: Forms and Statistical Data

  1. Observation Report .pdf <click>
  2. Press Release <click>
  3. Statistical Data (Spreadsheet .xls) <click>
  4. Observer Code of Conduct <click>
  5. Frequently Asked Questions About Observing <click>
  6. Observation Frequently Asked Questions <click>
    (Details for Observers)
  7. Audit Procedures <click>
    (From the Secretary of the State)
  8. Observation Report Form <click>

Official Audit Reports Showing Large Differences:

  • Town 1: Add the votes on the Democratic report to the Republican Report and it adds up to much less than the totals that are reported for the scanner tape.  Also note on the Democratic report that the number of votes in the race audited substantially exceeds the number of ballots as reported as counted in the audit: <Republican> <Democratic>
  • Town 2: Note audit count about half as many votes as the the scanner counted. Also number of ballots counted by hand in audit not reported: <read>